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Incentives in Latvia

„Riga Black Balsam” tasting in Riga

The 18th century apothecary interior, clothes and music, pleasant atmosphere, exotic delights and cocktails on the basis of black balsam, special souvenirs with surprises – all that you are offered in one day.

Tour to Riga Central Market

Do you want to taste a freshly salted cucumber? To enjoy real pork chops from the countryside? Buy fresh vegetables? To treat yourself to an eel, smoked just last night? Or to take a truly captivating walk, the likes of which cannot be found anywhere in Europe? All of this is possible by visiting Riga Central Market!

City Code game in Riga

Come and join the City Code Game for an interactive and enlightening insight into your chosen City. Searching for clues and some hidden treasures in race against time to beat your adversaries, the City Code Game is both fun and exciting giving you the opportunity to discover the secrets and myths behind your City.

Cocktail Workshop

If you want to give your incentive trip an activity that will get everyone involved in some fun then look no further than our Cocktail Workshop incentive. Perfect if you have a mixture of ages and gender, the make your own cocktail will always prove to be a success.

Bobsleigh in Sigulda

There are fewer than 10 places in the world where this is possible for the general public - one of them is in Latvia! Sigulda Bobsleigh. As you hit the last corner named ''The Wall'', for obvious reasons, you can hit up to 5G!! G-force is the pressure that gravity exerts on an object when it is accelerating relative to free-fall.