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Driving Features

Speed limit
Lithuania: in towns 50 km/h, on country roads 90 km/h, the motorways Klaipeda-Kaunas and Vilnius-Panevezys 110 km/h (summer season 130 km/h), Kaunas-Vilnius 100 km/h;
Latvia and Estonia: in towns 50 km/h, on country roads 90 km/h. There are no motorways.

Driving with head lights
Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia: all year round.

Baby seat
Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia: obligatory, if there is a younger than 3 years old child in a car.

Mobile phone
It is strictly forbidden for drivers to drive and use a mobile phone, unless free hand equipment is installed. You can speak in the phone only when you have stopped the car.

Highest fines are imposed for breaking traffic regulations in Latvia. Fines for exceeding the speed limit in towns is twice as much, than fines outside the town.

Petrol stations
Petrol stations are well-equipped and widespread. Almost all modern petrol stations are open 24 hours. We recommend using the following petrol stations: Statoil, Neste, UnoX, Lukoil.

Crossing the border
If you plan your trip to Kaliningrad, ask us about the procedures of crossing Lithuanian-Russian border.