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Theatrical excursion

Aim of excursion: discover mysterious treasures of Vilnius. During the „quest”, the visitors will get acquainted with history of Vilnius, the city's architectural monuments, unique landscape, local culture in the most informal and pleasant way. It is almost like a „time machine“, which gives you an opportunity to travel to the ancient times.

Good memories of visiting Vilnius which will stay in the minds of the participants for a long time

Duration 3 hours Location Vilnius centre/Old town
Price/pers on request Pers. Min. 12 – max. 200

Excursion, actors, souvenirs, guide

The visitors will be supplied with:

· Multicoloured kerchiefs or other items signed with symbols of Vilnius – this will help to recognize the member of each team.

· A puzzle-map for each team.

· Other items useful for certain tasks and games.

For price offers or any additional information about this tour please, contact us!