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Swamp trip

Walking in swamps in the wild Lithuanian jungle is a very adventurous and special trip. After 1.5-hour walk in the swamps you will be rescued by a Hover Craft.

This trip can be combined with BBQ and luxury sauna at the hotel nearby.

For Corporate groups and those seeking some extra we have a Survival Event taking place in same swamps but with tasks like Rope Crossings, Bridge Building, Hunting, Night Orienteering, etc.

Duration 3-4 hours Location

Trakai surroundings

Transfer time app 45 min

Price/pers on request Pers. Min. 6 – max. 50/session
Includes Transfers, refreshments, guide, swamp trip



Wear footwear and clothes that can handle dirt and water.

Lunch & Luxury Sauna by the lake side and shower facilities at resort hotel nearby. We offer a lunch package with sauna and shower facilities. Price on request.

For price offers or any additional information about this tour please, contact us!