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Survival Drama in the Soviet Bunker

This is a Back to USSR drama which is a very special experience, but for those seeking an even more intense experience and more action we have developed a successful event where you will become closer to the real life.

This event is for those who wish to get as close as possible to the real experience without being forced to do something you wouldn't like to do. We are pushing limits a bit further than standard tours though.

This event takes place in a former Soviet Bunker (yes there are quite a few of those in Lithuania), basically it begins with a real road ambush by the red army, then everyone becomes prisoners and gets blind folded, gets “handcuffs” on and are lead to interrogation chambers in a row (mission of interrogators is decided with client). Interrogation finishes with a court where a Stalin impersonator reads the sentence to all the prisoners. But then suddenly there is a chance to break out and the battle begins (strike ball or paintball) it all ends up with nice BBQ with roast game at the Bunker.


2.5-4 hours with lunch

Winter & Summer

Location 20 or 50 km from Vilnius (depends on group size)
Price/pers. Price on request (depends on group size) Pers. Min. 15 – max. 150 at once

the Survival Event

- Ambush with shooting, bombs, blind folding and “handcuffs”

- Interrogation & Court

- Strike ball or paintball (according to client wishes)

- Wild game roast lunch with garnish and cake with coffee/tea. Other drinks to be ordered together with booking.

Notes This event is not for the faint-hearted or children and not for every senior. We do not recommend taking part in the performance if you are suffering from a heart disease, asthma, epilepsy or claustrophobia. Transfers are not included but can be organised on request.

For price offers or any additional information about this tour please, contact us!