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Kalashnikov shooting action

Best price option in town! Experience the feeling of shooting with real guns, pistols and Kalashnikov. It is exciting and great activity for smaller and larger groups. Just choose from below list of your preferred firearms…9mm Russian Pistol Makarov, Kalashnikov, Winchester Shotgun, Pistol “TT”…

NEW! Try the Pistol “TT” - one of the most powerful handguns ever. Pistol "TT" is a personal attack and defence weapon and intended for close combat on 50 m range distance. There were produced amour-piercing-incendiary, tracer and ordinary bullets. Due to its 7.62 mm caliber, powerful self-loading technique and higher pressure, bullets fired from "TT" can penetrate a soldier’s helmet and amour vests, dig in 35 cm digging shield and shoot-through a 15 cm wooden log. It is designed by the famous Russian arms designer, Fedor Tokarev when he won the tender for handgun manufacture for the Soviet Red Army. Till recently there have been produced approximately 3 millions of "TT" pistols

Our shooting range, a former Soviet shooting training centre which now is beeing used by Lithuanian military, police and Special Forces, is conveniently located in the centre of Vilnius just 5 min from Cathedral square. The only authentic setting for this activity.

Hard Core Shooting options

AK2 – 2 guns: Makarov or Winchester + KALASHNIKOV – 30 rounds

AK3 – 3 guns: Makarov + Winchester + KALASHNIKOV – 30/45 rounds

AK4 – 4 guns: Makarov + Glock + Winchester + KALASHNIKOV – 40/60 rounds

AK5 – 5 guns: Makarov + Glock + TT + Winchester + KALASHNIKOV – 50 rounds

Groups are divided and two to four people shoot at a time. Groups are rotated, with a different gun fired each time.

Duration From 1.5 hour Location Vilnius Centre
Price/pers on request Pers. Min. 6 - max. 50 at once
Includes Rent of shooting range and guns, professional instructors, safety instructions, targets, diploma for the champions, translator from Lithuanian to English, transfers (Vilnius centre) and refreshments at the range.
Notes If less than 6 people the group gets all rounds as if 6 people, but have to pay for the participants less than 6. (e.g. if 4 people they must pay for 2 extra)

For price offers or any additional information about this tour please, contact us!