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Acrobatic flights

An adrenalin rush you won’t forget; experience G-Force, speeds, dives, barrel rolls, and many more figures with our professional pilot. Doesn’t sound like Fighter Jet but feels very similar. Adrenalin filled enough to remember; experience up to 6G’s, mad speeds, dives, barrel rolls, vertical 8 and many more figures with our professional pilot.

Available all year round but weather dependant! It is highly recommended to have some food before the flight and to drink reasonably the night before.


2 hours

Flight time: 10-15 min


Vilnius surroundings

Transfer time app 30 min

Price on request Pers. Min. 4 – max. 10
Includes Transfer, translator, safety instructions, the flight, bravery certificate, refreshments
Notes Wear sport shoes and have light meal before flight

For price offers or any additional information about this tour please, contact us!