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3D Hunting

Realistic three-dimensional "animals" in natural size made of spongy gum are intended for archery.

Participants and groups are moving from target to target on a prepared route where they must shoot the animals with Crossbows or Bows. Practice before tournament starts are offered. Most often we use between 6-15 3D animals but we have up to 25. Group are 4-10 people at once.

The duration of the event and the schedule can be adjusted to wishes of the group. Transfers, refreshments, lunch/dinners and other services can be organized. The participants cannot be intoxicated. Standard duration: depends on group size and wishes but app. 2-3 hrs.

Duration 2-3 hours Location

Vilnius surroundings

Transfer time app 30 min

Price/group on request Pers. Max. 30
Includes Event management and event manager, equipment and target rent, instructors, diplomas for the champions

For price offers or any additional information about this tour please, contact us!