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1984 in the Soviet Bunker (back to USSR)

A 3,000 m2 bunker in the outskirts of Vilnius 5 meters below ground. The Bunker: a survival show where USSR revives…

‘1984’ – the twentieth century anti-utopia, a book written by George Orwell while Stalin was still in power.

He envisioned what life would be like in a future totalitarian society in the far-off year of 1984, the times of the Big Brother watching you at all times.

But what if we, living in the twenty-first century, did not look to the future as did G.Orwell, but instead to the past, to the real 1984 in the Soviet Union?

Upon your arrival to the bunker you will be met by Soviet guards with dogs. For two hours you will part with whoever you are in this century; all your stuff, your money, cameras and cell phones. Dressed in grey Soviet threadbare clothing you will delve into the life of a simple Soviet citizen full of fear and uncertainty. You will be led through a reinforced concrete slabs maze five meters down under, you’ll see Soviet television broadcasts and visit shops from 1984, you’ll be interrogated in a KGB office, will learn the USSR anthem, you’ll get used to carry around a gas mask and putting together an automatic rifle of Kalashnikov. You’ll have to dance to the music of the times and sink in to the soviet spirit, let it sink in you. Will you be able to? Will you endure?

Duration 2,5 hours Location 20 km from Vilnius
Price/pers on request Pers. Min. 25 – max. 40 at once

the show, duration 2,5 hours with lunch

- welcome drink of Soviet coffee

- one free souvenir from the Soviet shop selected by the visitor (soviet canned food, drinks, cosmetics, underwear etc)

- lunch with a shot of vodka (you have to bring vodka by yourself). Lunch consists of - portion of porridge with meat, coffee/tea, dry bread, jam and bar of chocolate, all in individual packages)

- an individual certificate of a Soviet citizen

- transfers to/from Vilnius centre (other locations on request)


2 options are available on request (not included in the main package)

1. An extraordinary feast in the special hall where the exclusive Communist Party Central Committee dinner will be served – white tablecloths and crystal tableware, sturgeon, caviar and cognac.

2. A royal party afterwards in the XVIII century castle just 3 kilometres away from the Bunker to recover from what you have experienced. Here you will become a King - you can have your drinks or dinner by candlelight, enjoy all SPA amenities, spend a night in seven luxurious rooms or even in the king-worthy penthouse with the tower that will take you closer to the stars.

Prices are on request and depends on number of participants and menu etc.

For price offers or any additional information about this tour please, contact us!