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Incentives in Lithuania

Kalashnikov shooting action

Best price option in town! Experience the feeling of shooting with real guns, pistols and Kalashnikov. It is exciting and great activity for smaller and larger groups. Just choose from below list of your preferred firearms…9mm Russian Pistol Makarov, Kalashnikov, Winchester Shotgun, Pistol “TT”…

Canoe Polo - Indoor

Great fun. Two teams of 3-6 persons are playing against each other. The game is best described as mix of water-polo, handball and basketball. The great possibilities for tackles and get around your opponent are the real challenge in the game. You are playing in "sit on top" kayaks that are easy to control and steady in the water what means that you don't have to worry about how to get "out" of the kayak if you turn around. We provide you with helmets, swim vests and paddles. Just bring your swimsuit and you are ready for sublime fun and competition.