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Incentives in Lithuania

Radio controlled off road buggy racing event

Experience the thrill and excitement of racing radio controlled Race Buggies with you at the controls! Race these superb 1:10 scale radio controlled battery powered Race Buggies around our purpose built racing circuit. When it is needed to build team work, drivers are blindfolded and take instructions from their team mates to negotiate different obstacles.

Acrobatic flights

An adrenalin rush you won’t forget; experience G-Force, speeds, dives, barrel rolls, and many more figures with our professional pilot. Doesn’t sound like Fighter Jet but feels very similar. Adrenalin filled enough to remember; experience up to 6G’s, mad speeds, dives, barrel rolls, vertical 8 and many more figures with our professional pilot.

Paintball- indoors & outdoors

Enjoy the pleasure of shooting your friends! In the summer this takes place in an original setting while in winter (and all other times of year) the indoor venue in a huge soviet building with lots of rooms to hide and attack. Get your adrenalin going!

Beer cycle bar tour

Vilnius Summer party on wheels! Ride the Beer Cycle Bar and get loads of attention. The bar’s speed is up to 6 km/h so you can chat up ladies on the street or even invite them to your ‘own’ bar. Your private dancer will be dancing on the beer-barrel! An afternoon must do!

Clay Pigeon shooting

Demonstrate your shooting skills: concentration, accuracy, and timing. In order to simulate the “real” action the clays are released from traps in a variety of locations.


The Karts are the most powerful in Lithuania 100ccm karts on large outdoor track 620 m, 8 turns and speed up to 70km/h

ATV-Quad Biking

Our Quad Bike Safari is the ideal way to have fun for a few hours. Whether you are looking for a fun activity for your customers, a staff thank you, a Stag or Hen party or simply a fantastic gift voucher idea, our Quad Bike Safari is a fabulous experience.

Water Fun & Action event

Canoe Polo-Jet Skis-Tubes & Water skiing

Enjoy an event at the lakeside with lots of fun water action

Motor action event- Safari

Enjoy an event in the forest with lots of adrenaline, excitement and nature discovery.Quad Bikes and 4x4 Off Road is routes in forest are and regional park, while Buggies has its special track

Multi Activity package

Enjoy an event at the lakeside with lots of fun and action on the water, with lots of motor power and shooting adrenaline