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Incentives in Estonia

Folk show in Restaurant Peppersack in Tallinn

This is a folk’s show of national Estonian dances.
As the dancers say - "Dance is our way of living". We want to share our passion with you by performing Estonian folk dances. We can ensure the highest stagy quality and harmony between ancient dance steps, emotions and choreography.

Culinary Team Building

This is an interactive dining experience that will allow the clients to understand the techniques and “short cuts” that chefs use in a professional kitchen while enjoying a personally cooked meal.

Photo hunt in Tallinn

Each participant will have a special clue waiting in his room, guiding to the first location where participants will meet their game-leader, team-mates and receive instructions. Armed with cameras, maps and a list of sights to visit, teams are sent out to discover the Old Town. They are to visit the most "photo-worthy" places and accomplish different tasks on their way and at different locations.

City Code game in Tallinn

Come and join the City Code Game for an interactive and enlightening insight into your chosen City. Searching for clues and some hidden treasures in race against time to beat your adversaries, the City Code Game is both fun and exciting giving you the opportunity to discover the secrets and myths behind your City.

Canoe tours, bloodless hunting with bows or GPS competition in the forests of Lahemaa

We organise company days, gatherings, seminars and other entertainment events in the National Park of Lahemaa in a different way – bog or canoe tours, paintball events, games of ancient times on the atrium site, discovering the woods of Lahemaa with a bow and GPS or spending your free time in some other way.

Marzipan and Claret tasting program in Town-Hall Pharmacy in Tallinn

On your visit to the Town Hall Pharmacy, you will taste delicious marzipan and claret as the guide will be amusing you with incredible legends of medieval remedies and cures.